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Ralf Albers
Management Buy / Sale
phone 040 - 325 08 69 - 12
As the owner I take over the management of the sales teams. My area of expertise is the supra-regional purchasing and selling of vegetables. So regardless of the season I can always offer my customers an extensive range of products that is composed using strict quality criteria.

Olaf Dedeck
Buy / Sale
Fruit and tropical fruit
phone 040 - 325 08 69 - 21 und - 14
With his entry into our company Olaf Dedeck expanded the younger branch of the family business: the buying and selling of fruits and tropical fruits. Here, the fruit assortment includes apples, bananas and clementines, further grapes and cherries and also nectarines and lemons. In short, everything that belongs to a varied diet being rich of vitamins.

Jochen Schlüter
Buy / Sale
phone 040 - 325 08 69 - 26
Brassica vegetables must be particularly fresh. Therefore, Jochen Schlüter sells the goods coming always without long journeys fresh from the fields. Beside all other vegetables he sells especially tomatoes and of course the North German loose or on the vine.

Mugni Ala
Purchase and sale
Wholesale Market
Telefon 040 - 325 08 69 - 0
Our range of mushrooms goes far beyond the commercial choice of products. The same goes for tomatoes and peppers.”

Kim Brantin
Purchase and sale
Wholesale Market
Telefon 040 - 325 08 69 - 0
We purchase our products from trusting partners all year round.

Bastian Busch
Purchase and sale
quality and administration
Telefon 040 - 325 08 69 - 0
We guarantee optimal freshness and quality due to state-of-the-art cooling technology and permanent temperature control.


Nadine Albers
Accounting and Administration
phone 040 - 723 11 02

Regina Geppert, born Albers
Accounting and Management
phone 040 - 723 11 02

Dolores Lisiecki
Management wholesale market
phone 040 - 325 08 69 - 11